Sunday, May 24, 2009

Filling and Aseptic Filling

Filling and Aseptic Filling
Procomac design, manufacture, and service a wide range of fillers for the food, beverage, and dairy industries. Procomac design different types of fillers to match the requirements of the various products (water, carbonated soft drinks, still drinks, juices and nectars, teas and infusions, milk, wine, spirits, etc.) in the most common capacities to optimize the efficiencies while protecting the product properties.
Procomac's standard range of fillers includes:
Counter-pressure mechanical
Counter-pressure pneumatic
Volumetric electronic for still products
Volumetric electronic for still and carbonated products
Hot fill
Aseptic Filling
Procomac has developed a cutting-edge aseptic filling technology for sensitive beverage filling under aseptic conditions. Procomac pioneered the introduction of the microbiological isolator technology to be used instead of a clean room, and has perfected a wet peroxide sterilization technology that offers outstanding performances for high acid and low acid products.
The Procomac aseptic filling systems includes pasteurizers, homogenizers, and integrated blow-fill systems and the actual filling process takes place behind the Procomac proprietary microbiological contained isolator technology.
Although aseptic processing and their resulting extended shelf life (ESL) products already have a significant market share in numerous parts of the world it still has somewhat limited acceptance by US consumers - especially for dairy derived products. Therefore, we foresee a significant growth in the aseptic filling segment - especially within the dairy sector as proper ESL implementation can extend shelf life by up to six months without the need for refrigeration.
Typical application for our aseptic filling systems includes:
Fruit and vegetable juices
Sport drinks
Still drinks
Milk-based drinks
UHT milk
Iced tea and infusions
Health, herbal and other new-age drinks

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