Saturday, May 23, 2009

OmniControl Tablet/Capsule Weighing System

The basic concept of the OmniControl system combines a size part-free transport system, a gravimetric weight determination and the sorting process. Tablets or capsules are brought from the infeed hopper to the weigh cells by means of a positive, universal transport system, then directed to the pass-product or faulty-product bins following the weight assessment function.
The transport system will process capsules and tablets of virtually any size or shape, without the need for size parts. There is no need to purchase and store costly size parts for each different product and change-over time is essentially eliminated.
At the weigh cell, the ingeniously simple rotating star concept guarantees 100% product quality. Following weight assessment, the rotating star directs products that are within the specified weight range to the left into the pass-product container, while overweight/underweight products are directed to the right and feed into the faulty-product bin. The rotating star movement provides a counter-check so that erroneous rejects are a thing of the past.
The OmniControl is available in 6-lane and 12-lane configurations with output speeds of 32,500 tablets/capsules per hour, and 65,000 per hour, and a weighing range from 20 mg to 2,000 mg.

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