Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Environmental Chambers

Model 2030

Reach In Environmental ChamberThe Harris 2030 Series of Environmental Chambers feature the quality design of our 40+ years of walk-in environmental room experience, complete in a 30 cu. ft. reach-in chamber. With temperature ranges of +5ºC to +60ºC, optional humidity control from 20% to 98% RH* and other optional features, the Harris 2030 environmental chamber is THE chamber you need for life science and industrial applications including:

  • Pharmaceutical Stability Testing
  • Photostability Testing
  • TAPPI Testing
  • Insectary Research
  • Plant Growth
  • Cell Culture Harvesting
  • Protein Purification
  • Electronic Component Burn In

Benefits the Harris 2030 Environmental Chambers provide include:

  • Harris renowned walk-in room quality in a reach-in design
  • Industrial grade refrigeration and humidification systems for continuous operation
  • Simple “plug in the wall and turn on” installation
  • Fully meets the requirements for IQ/OQ/PQ validation
  • Meets all NEC, UL and CSA standards for safety and performance
  • 12 month warranty on all parts and labor

Standard Control Features

  • Microprocessor based PID controllers with autotune
  • Temperature with humidification for precise repeatable conditions
  • Solid State relative humidity sensor
  • LED temperature display with 0.1º resolution
  • LED RH% display with 1% resolution
  • Stainless steel sheath RTD temperature probe
  • Temperature and humidity controllers show two separate displays while
    operating: one for process and one for setpoint
  • Audible and visual temperature alarms to alert any temperature deviation from
    active setpoint or exceeding high limit
  • Non-volatile memory allows chamber to return to original setpoint when power
    is restored, in the event of a power failure

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