Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tablet Dissolution for Content Uniformity Testing and HPLC Assay

By: Dr. Robert Sandor | Posted: 07th May 2010

Ultrasonic energy, applied in a process called sonication, is widely used to dissolve pharmaceutical tablets for HPLC assay procedures such as content uniformity testing. The sonicator kits can also be used to mix and disperse samples, and for solvent degassing. Sonicator kits are ideal for USP methods that specify the use of an ultrasonic cleaning for sample preparation. Many methods detailed by the USP recommend using an ultrasonic bath to extract the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from tablet formulations.

When preparing pharmaceutical samples for HPLC assay care must be taken to avoid chemical degradation of the API due to excessive heat. For this reason it is important that sonication is accomplished quickly as the process itself generates heat. One way to achieve this goal is to use a pharmaceutical tablet sonicator kit, the components of which enable the completion of tablet dissolution up to 16 times faster than conventional systems. Rapid tablet dissolution and excellent active pharmaceutical ingredient recovery is further supported because the ultrasonic bath design eliminates sonication dead spots and maximizes the ultrasonic power, with operation at 320 and 415 watts respectively for the two models. The combined features of these units minimize heat buildup, increase ultrasonic power dispersion, and minimize transducer burn marks and flask etching.

These tabletop tablet sonication kits include specially designed racks to position sample flasks at just the right depth in an ultrasonic bath to allow maximum acoustic energy to reach the flasks. The bath consists of water and an optional sonic amplifier additive to enhance cavitation.


marc said...

You will get much faster and more reproducible results with a 20kHz sonicator. A probe system is by for the fastest but some people like to avoid titanium contamination. A Cup Horn is the next fastest way and allows you to process sealed vessels without the need for a probe.

Praveen G said...

Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more like this. Also don't forget to see this Ultrasonic Bath Sonicator