Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Five Things To Look For In A Medical Packaging Vendor
No matter what type of device a medical company might manufacture, chances are that the product will need to be packaged.
The following five points can guide medical device manufacturers towards the packaging company that is right for them.
1. One-stop shopping. Choose a packaging company with numerous materials and capabilities under one roof.
The best results can be gained from working with a packaging company that can handle the entire life cycle of a medical package in-house. This includes product definition, initial solid-model design and prototyping, to tooling and short-run or long-run manufacturing. Seek out a company that works with an array of plastics, foams, fibers, and other materials, and has the expertise to choose the best material, or combination of materials, for a product.
2. Partnership. Choose an efficient company with expertise willing to work as a team every step of the way.
Choose a company with extensive medical packaging experience—one with a history of producing results for medical device companies. It’s not always essential to work with a large company, but it can have its advantages. Make sure the packaging company has a track record of problem-solving successes as well as a clear understanding of the device being packaged and transported.
3. Standards. Make sure the packaging company has a solid set of guidelines in place that also comply with the needs of the medical device.
Don’t just take the packaging company’s word regarding its quality standards. The packaging company should be familiar with a customer’s regulations and comply with those to support its customer’s business, ensuring things such as material trace-ability.
4. Time to market. A packaging company should be able to bring the project to their customer in the desired time frame.
In the medical arena, quality is of number one importance. But in today’s market, timing and cost can be a close second. It’s hard to predict time to market, as every project is different, and there are always obstacles encountered. But, by having multiple plant locations, a company can maximize efficiencies in production. If necessary, some companies may consider sub-contracting components of the tooling to expedite projects.
5. Aesthetics. Make sure the packaging company can develop a design that also compliments the product.
While function is of foremost importance, there are other things to consider. For both the sake of sales and company image, the product deserves packaging that stands out with a bold, distinctive, and attractive design. Check out the packaging company’s portfolio. It should demonstrate a range of products in different colors, textures, and densities.

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