Sunday, April 26, 2009

ModuLab Enclosures Provide Environmental Controls

ModuLab is a custom-designed enclosure with control systems that meet a variety of environmental and class clean requirements. ModuLab is the ideal choice for laboratory and industrial applications such as Cleanrooms, C.M.M. Rooms, Walk-in Mini Labs, Pilot Plant, Hazardous Procedure Enclosure, or specialty equipment enclosure.

The ModuLab can achieve strict environmental control by incorporating HEPA and/or carbon filtration to regulate air quality ranging from Class 100 to 100,000. Precise temperature control can be maintained with optional modified cooling systems for lower temperature requirements. Humidity can be regulated with systems available for lower humidity requirements.

The ModuLab features chemical resistant modular construction and is flexible and durable. A variety of options include a wide selection of doors, lighting, plumbing, electrical and glove box accessories that can be factory installe

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