Thursday, June 18, 2009

exciting recent developmentcome out of Waters?

. Since the emphasis on biotherapeutics is rapidly growing, companies need to be able to characterise these therapeutics in order to control their quality and efficacy. To that end, Waters developed a mass spectrometry system that allows these laboratories to acquire information that was not available to them with conventional MS. By separating constituents by not only size and charge but also by shape, this Synapt High Definition Mass Spectrometry System, or HDMS technology, allows laboratories to understand their therapeutics better. This additional dimension of sample separation, known as ion mobility, provides increased specificity and sample definition previously unattainable. This knowledge is not only useful at the drug development stage, but also in the research stage where scientists can study changes within molecules under certain conditions.

Just as UPLC technology changed the nature of liquid chromatography in 2004, we’re already seeing HDMS technology have a significant impact on small and large molecule research in the areas of protein characterization, metabolite identification and, of course, biopharmaceutical applications.

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