Thursday, June 18, 2009

the technology trends within the pharmaceutical market?

. The adoption of mass spectrometry is rapidly growing in areas outside the traditional R&D environment. Laboratories further down the development timeline are looking for the added specificity and information that a mass spectrometry system can provide. We are also seeing this technology move into geographical areas that have traditionally lagged in adoption. As technical expertise and practical needs grow in these areas, the demand for mass spectrometry increases.

Since we’ve seen this expansion in the use of LC/MS across a wide array of new application areas, we developed an MS portfolio to address the entire spectrum of user abilities. For novice users that may be more chromatography focused, we worked in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies to provide walk-up, or open access capability.

With new single and tandem quadrupole mass detectors for our UPLC platform, our development efforts have stressed easy-to-use, comprehensive solutions – all on the Empower Software platform that chromatographers rely on. These extended innovations for the routine use of LC/MS really made an impact in solving mission-critical bottlenecks while delivering exceptional return on investment.

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