Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Regulation of the feruloyl esterase (faeA) gene from Aspergillus niger

The two regulatory systems in Aspergillus niger that affect expression of genes encoding enzymes involved in degradation of cell wall polymers are not sufficient to account for the induction pattern seen for feruloyl esterase (faeA). To find out about involvement of XlnR and CreA in regulation and to show the presence of a third factor a study was carried out. It also was intended to study the nature of the inducing compounds for the new factor and to analyze relationships among the three regulatory factors. The inducing systems let A. niger make feruloyl esterase during growth on xylan and during growth on other ferulic acid-containing cell wall polysaccharides.

author: Visser, Jaap, Vries, Ronald P. de

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