Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aseptic Filling With BFS (Blow Fill Seal) bottelpack® System

The BFS bottelpack® aseptic system from rommelag® is designed for aseptic filling of sterile liquid products, creams and ointments. Container production, product filling and hermetic sealing of containers takes place in one cycle in the system. The possible applications are almost infinite.

The sophisticated, aseptic system and process design largely eliminates foreign particles and contamination of the product with particles being reliably precluded. Complete compliance to applicable quality standards from authorities and pharmaceutical manufacturers, combined with a high product and process safety, maximum economic efficiency and extraordinarily satisfactory production costs are the hallmark of BFS technology.

One of the particular features of rommelag® is the ongoing development of the BFS technology, invented by us more than 40 years ago and introduced worldwide, combined with systems constructed to meet the complete needs of our customers and our worldwide Customer Service.

The operation and maintenance of the bottelpack® aseptic system is extremely safe and user-friendly. All system functions and process data are set, displayed and logged by means of a visualization system. Supplementary finishing lines such as leak detectors and cap welding machines that simplify the subsequent handling of the containers can also be supplied.

High system outputs and low manufacturing costs make bottelpack® aseptic systems a first choice for new product applications. Our laboratory and test facilities are available for the customized development of containers and also test filling.

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