Monday, February 7, 2011

Simplifying Pure Water Systems

Problem: Water purification systems are required for a variety of applications, all of which require different degrees of purity. With a wide range of pure water systems available, it can be difficult to know which one will provide the best results for your lab. The water system should be suited to the available feed water, as well as the application and capacity requirements of the laboratory. Not all feed water is the same and some applications require the removal of different specific contaminants. For example, tap water in North America commonly contains chlorine, which can damage reverse osmosis membranes and shorten the lifespan of the deionization cartridges within your pure water system. By having a system that effectively removes the chlorine, cartridge and membrane life are successfully extended and the laboratory is able to save on unnecessary expenses. Matching the correct system to the type of feed water and application can be a challenging task, but if performed correctly, the validity of resulting data can be maximized and the laboratory can be run as costeffectively as possible.

Solution: A feed water analysis service will provide a detailed and accurate method to help simplify the process of selecting an appropriate pure water system. Through the generation of a customized summary and system recommendation based on the quality of the feed water, users are provided with clear recommendations as to what will best suit their needs. The Thermo Scientific H2O SELECT water testing program is a free, no-obligation service in which customers receive a system configuration recommendation based on what contaminants need to be removed from the water to create the desired purity along with an estimated lifespan for the consumables. This will aid the laboratory in effective budgeting of resources.
Established to test the feed water of customers considering the purchase of a water purification system, the H2O SELECT™ kit is the most comprehensive water testing program currently available, providing expert analysis of feed water. Based on the customized results, the best system for your application will be identified. A summary of the results and a system recommendation will be produced from the quality of the feed water, the laboratory applications it is used for, as well as the daily water demand and budget. As all water systems are slightly different, some cartridges have a lower capacity than others, resulting in an increased operational cost. This program will identify annual operating costs and inform you of these before you purchase the system.
The H2O SELECT water analysis program is extremely easy to use: Having requested a free kit from Thermo Scientific and filled the test bottle with feed water, the scientist just needs to fill out a brief questionnaire and return it with the sample for analysis. Upon evaluation, the resulting data is matched to the laboratory requirements stated on the questionnaire. Based on this, a water system recommendation along with estimated annual operating costs will be mailed directly to the laboratory.

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