Monday, February 7, 2011

Walking In: The Importance of Clean Room Entranceways

(Image Source: Duke University)

Constantly in our industry, new capabilities and restrictions are being implemented in regard to clean room technology. Sterility and Bacterial Endotoxin testing are on the rise and the potential risk of loss due to contamination is becoming more and more serious of threats to both the fields of scientific research and in the medical community. For these reasons, it’s very important to make use of clean and absorbent fibers that trap contamination when selecting wipes for your clean room. Clean room wipes must be stable, solvent resistant, static dissipative, and low linting whether they are to be used as sheets or strips. As we all know, the changing room that one operates in between moving from a sterile to a non-sterile environment is equally important, as potential contamination can happen at any stage in the process. As is depicted in the Mullard Space Science Laboratory’s Cleanroom Standards handbook:

“The manufacture of sterile products should be carried out in clean areas, entry to which should be through airlocks for personnel and/or for equipment and materials. Clean areas should be maintained to an appropriate cleanliness standard and supplied with air which has passed through filters of an appropriate efficiency. The various operations of component preparation, product preparation and filling should be carried out in separate areas within the clean area. Manufacturing operations are divided into two categories; firstly those where the product is terminally sterilized, and secondly those which are conducted aseptically at some or all stages”

It is evident that the highest quality wipes should be used in clean rooms. High quality wipes include 7225 Heavy Wipes, TJ Wipes, C3 Wipes and 7220 Standard Weight Wipes. As our industry begins to expand and small mistakes begin to turn into fatal errors, it’s important that every modicum of effort is put into sterilizing clean rooms. The next time you enter or exit your clean room, or talk to a client about their set up, make sure to make high quality sterile wipes a part of the conversation.

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