Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bioluminescence for USP sterility testing of pharmaceutical suspension products.

D M Bussey and K Tsuji ABSTRACT
Bioluminescence measurement significantly improved the accuracy, sensitivity, precision, and reliability of the current visual endpoint determination for the USP sterility test and eliminated the day 7 transfer/dilution step required for testing suspension products. Thirteen strains of bacteria and fungi (representing potential contaminants in sterile products), three pharmaceutical suspension products, and four media were used in the experiment. No interference from suspension products was encountered in the detection of microbial growth by the bioluminescence measurement. The poor fungal growth encountered was attributed to insufficient diffusion of oxygen into the medium and was circumvented by use of a large tube size (38 by 200 mm) or by vortexing the medium once during the 2-week incubation period. Bioluminescence measurement would facilitate automated handling of the sterility test endpoint readout operation. The optimum parameters of bioluminescence measurement for application in sterility testing were determined.

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