Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tablet Coating

Cellulose ethers form strong films with good adhesion and taste masking properties. Coatings of METHOCEL* Premium or ETHOCEL* Premium products increase compressive strength and reduce friability. Yet, they increase tablet size by only 1 – 3 mil and product weight by only 0.5 – 5%.
Films of METHOCEL cellulose ethers make clear, sharp coatings that are nonionic and compatible with FD&C dyes, lakes, and pigments. They are excellent surfaces for printing, while enhancing and displaying scoring, logos, and other distinguishing features of a tablet’s surface.
Coatings of METHOCEL Premium products ease swallowing as well. They begin to hydrate in the mouth, then become slick to allow a tablet to slide easily down the throat.
Cellulose ethers also permit coatings to be applied in one pan, shorten coating time, reduce skilled operator requirements, and permit the use of automated coating systems.

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