Sunday, March 29, 2009

Portable Clean Rooms

If your business is involved in environmentally sensitive manufacture or other processes, then having a high quality controllable room in which to carry out the work is absolutely essential. Modern high technology manufacturing techniques require that you are able to carry them out in the cleanest possible environment, with no contamination that could potentially compromise the quality of the products that you are working on.

With modern portable clean room technology, it is possible to get all the benefits of a traditional clean and dust free work space with a great deal more flexibility than that which is possible in a traditional working environment.

The most important considerations that you need to have when planning your portable clean room are to ensure that the environment that it provides is as pristine as possible and that the control systems operating within the unit are completely reliable and function properly at all times. It is vitally important that you are able to control every aspect of the atmosphere within the clean room to prevent any contamination from outside sources that might otherwise contaminate the interior, and potentially damage whatever you are working on inside. There are various standard grades of room available, and the quality of the manufacturing of the products offered by most companies offer capabilities down to Class 10.

The technology of clean rooms in the past has always meant that they had a complex infrastructure that managed their capabilities, and once they had been installed, they required a great deal of maintenance of all their systems, not to mention the constant monitoring of all the components. While the same levels of performance are now available in the form of a portable clean room, the high quality modular construction of the component modular parts means that the rooms are much more flexible, and can even be moved and repositioned.

Work that is carried out inside the portable clean rooms is work that needs top be protected from the outside world. Whether your team are working on precision electronic components that must be manufactured in an environment that is completely free fo dust, or held in specific humidity and temperature limits, the highly controllable atmosphere inside the room, coupled with an extensive and well equipped staging area where staff are able to prepare for entry and avoid carrying any contamination into the room on their clothes.

Installing clean room space within your business is a large investment for your business, and in order to get the full value of your investment, the most important factor about the room is its reliability. Faults in the system can wreck large batches of materials and products, and this can prove to be very expensive. You need to be able to rely on the quality of the construction and systems in a portable clean room are designed to be as robust and efficient as possible. Thanks to high quality seals between the panels and precision matches to avoid leaks in the walls that might lead to an accidental intake of dust that you don't want, a portable clean room offers exactly the same control as a conventional one, only with the ability to be moved at a later date thanks to the knock down modular construction of the building.

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