Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reverse Osmosis Water: 7 Thought-provoking Facts

1. Originally reverse osmosis was developed as an industrial water filtering system for printing and photo processing. GE reverse osmosis water systems, along with other water purification companies, adapted this process for home use in response to the rising demand for clean water.

2. R.O. water purification works by forcing water under pressure through a permeable membrane. GE reverse osmosis filters operate the same way. Unfortunately, for every gallon of usable water produced by this system, two to three gallons of water is wasted. It's possible to recover this wasted water, but you should know that it is a very expensive process

3. While effective at an industrial level, the residential application of reverse osmosis makes sense only for those home owners whose water sources are limited to salinated groundwater. For homes with access to municipal water, a system such as GE reverse osmosis water, may not be appropriate.

4. The "clean" water that a system like G.E. reverse osmosis water produces is stripped of vital minerals necessary for good health. Drinking this water means that you have to find other sources of calcium, magnesium and potassium, when, normally, all it would take would be to drink a glass of healthy water.

5. Some contaminants, such as certain harmful bacterias, are small enough to make it through the permeable membrane and into your water. It may be necessary to add a disinfecting step to a system like G.E. reverse osmosis filters.

6. Because of the expense of installing and maintaining such a system ($799.99 for a GE reverse osmosis replacement filter), other methods of water purification, such as drinking water filters and whole house filters, may be better suited for in-home use.

7. Residential reverse osmosis systems are usually installed in the kitchen and only treat water used for drinking and cooking. G.E. reverse osmosis water is no different. This means that the water dispensed in the remaining areas of the home - faucets, toilets, baths, showers, and washing machines is still in an unfiltered and, probably, undesirable condition.

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