Sunday, March 29, 2009

Structure of Clean Room Chamber

Structure of Clean Room Chamber

The clean room chamber provides hard drive protection by ensuring that the work in the chamber is exposed only to HEPA-filtered clean air.

1) The HEPA Filter

A common component in any clean bench is the HEPA filter. The HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air) removes particulates, generally called aerosols, such as micro-organisms, from the air. The HEPA filter does not remove vapors or gases.

  • a) HEPA filters are made of boron silicate microfibers formed into a flat sheet by a process similar to making paper

Protection in clean room chamber is provided by capturing room air, passing the air through a HEPA filter, and directing the filtered air horizontally across the work surface at a constant speed toward the user.

a) The room air is drawn into the base of the hood by the blower/motor, through a washable, reusable pre-filter

b )The air pushed up the rear plenum of the hood passes through the HEPA filter

c) Filtered air is directed horizontally across the work surface at a constant velocity of 100 FPM toward the user.

2) The PRE Filter

Clean Room comprises of three pre filters. Two fixed at the back and one inside the chamber. Specific function of Pre Filter is to prevent Hepa filter from getting destroyed in order to maximize its life.

a) Synthetic non woven media sandwiched in tough synthetic netting

b) Media Supported on metal rods for rigidity

c) Washable with water and liquid Soap

d) Micron Rating Range 5 to 35 micron

3) The Monometer

This meter is used to find the damaged filters, if any, are there in the chamber. The oil in this meter is used as an indicator of protected and well functioning filters. Change in the color of the oil shows the existence of damaged filter. The oil is poured in the empty nozzle before the usage of the chamber.

4) The Blower Fan

The fans used in the clean room chamber are large diameter, high performance units with variable speed. This ensures the chamber is quiet in operation

5) The Level Meter

This meter is needed to check the surface level where clean room is expected to be placed. The nob in the middle of the meter indicates the right position"

and purchased...really it was amazing...actually this is the perfect environment to recovery of hotch-potch...even a sufficient way to work completely.

Before using that class 100 clean room chamber I was always thought that "I think I have to increase my room size, keep it clean and all that...oh no it's very time consuming and disturbing.

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