Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pure steam

is both something similar to clean steam, and still something quite different. The quality of pure steam is extremely high. This kind of steam is often used in direct contact with medicals and controversial sterile parts - it must not for contains any particles what so ever. It is therefore generated in a super sanitary environment. Application is being even more common within hospitals, but also special institutions, pharmaceutical industry, biochemical industry.
The clean and pure steam application both requires a special design on the feed water provider and the steam generating plant. Obviously the quality of feed water determine the quality of the steam. The general design comply with materials in stainless steel only.

Pure steam requires that the surface in contact with the pure steam, including weldings, are polished. The design must not allow any traps in which condensate cannot be drained off 100%. All parts - materials and components - must be of a very special pure steam quality
Available heat sources for making clean steam and pure steam:

Pressurized Water
Thermal Fluid
High pressure steam (reboiler)
Oil/gas-fired (clean steam only)
Basically reboilers use high pressure steam to produce low pressure steam. Thus the design can be made in a customized degree of sanitarily.

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